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Innovation and Biomedicine: Ethics, Evidence and Expectation in HIV (2013)

Marsha Rosengarten

Drawing on such process thinkers as Whitehead, Deleuze and Stengers, Innovation and Biomedicine develops a powerful framework for the analysis of Biomedical Innovation. With its sustained focus on the Pre-Exposure Prophylactic pill (PrEP) for the prevention of HIV infection, the volume explores the ethical, medical and political elements entailed in the pill's testing through offshore randomized control trials (RCTs). To this end, the key concept of 'eventuation' is elaborated and deployed in the scrutiny of the 'gold standard' status of RCTs, the role of ethics in RCTs, and the enactment of the PrEP pill as a singular entity. Further, the authors engage with affective, topological and virtual dimensions to show how PrEP's eventuation also allows for new scientific and ethical questions to be crafted. Innovation and Biomedicine is a major contribution to science and technology studies, medical sociology, and the multi-disciplinary study of HIV.

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