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Feminist Review 108: Black British Feminisms (2014)

Yasmin Gunaratnam

Feminist Review's special issue on 'Black British Feminism' commemorates and extends themes first articulated in the pioneering 'Many Voices, One Chant: Black Feminist Perspectives' ( Feminist Review, 17, 1984). Thirty years on from Many Voices, this special issue includes contributions from a new generation of scholars, artists and activists. The contributors discuss queer identities and politics, the black feminist archive in the UK and the increasing role of cyber feminism and digital activism. Questions addressed include the nature of Black British Feminism and its relationship to transnational mobility, alliances and identifications. The issue engages with the importance of mapping the particularized stories that shed light on our feminist situatedness in Britain with its attendant meanings in terms of identity, issues of power and struggle, solidarity and fragmentation, silencing and demands to be heard, as key anti-racist processes of liberation.

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